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Rooted in blues tradition, Sammy Lee has a soul that wails. Cadence-driven, acoustically inclined, Motown folk is showcased in his pristine and energetic performances, with stylistic nods towards the cities that have provided him with his unique sound. Many vocalists of closely related genres seem tepid and soft-spoken by comparison. Sammy offers a shock to the system with a skilled and polished delivery that provides a glimpse into the expertise developed over the many evolutions his career has endured. Over a decade of vocal expertise allows this rough and dirty baritone to stun audiences with a range that bewilders, a devastatingly honest lyrical vulnerability, and power and range that leaves Sammy in a category all his own. Needing no pretense and no disguise, Sammy’s show is a stripped-down and naked performance by design. His thoughts in a world of processed and filtered pretenders?  Less is more, passion speaks for itself, and authenticity reigns.


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Dylan, Clapton, Hendrix, Beatles, The Who, The Doors, SRV, Cash, Nelson, Pink Floyd, Chris Cornell, Dave Grohl, Dave Matthews, Dobie Gray, Marvin Gaye, Ben E. King, Bill Withers, Otis Redding

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