1. Confusion Corner is really not confusing at all. 

2. You don’t go to “the big Walmart” or “the other Target” because driving the 10 miles to the other side of town is just too far. 

3. You know who “the walking lady” is and you love her.

4. At least once you’ve seen a car with out-of-state plates drive onto the sidewalk on Monticello. 

5. Seriously. Too much stuff is named after Bruce Hornsby’s family. 

Bruce Hornsby

6. You remember the old Kidsburg and know it was way better. 

7. The traffic from Jamestown Road to Busch Gardens is the bane of your existence.

8. You are well aware that you cannot go out to dinner during William & Mary’s Homecoming, family weekend or graduation. Seriously, don’t even think about it.

9. The best Trader Joe’s parking spots are to the right of the entrance and are highly coveted. 

10. Williamsburg is known of its many pancake restaurants and you NEVER go to any of them. Ever.


Signs that you grew up in Williamsburg Virginia, you know someone who is a fife or drummer

You personally know someone who is a fifer or a drummer.

12. Pierce’s Pitt Bar-B-Que is NOT the only place for great BBQ in Williamsburg. Hello Matchsticks, Two Drummers, Old City BBQ and Rocco’s.

13. You can lead tours of Colonial Williamsburg and Historic Jamestowne thanks to all the times you went as a chaperone with your kid’s elementary school.

14. Sno To Go’s annual opening day is marked on your calendar.

15. You always take your out of town guests to “free” Colonial Williamsburg.

16. You own a Virginia Beer Company tshirt. 

17. You know that The Cheese Shop is touristy and there are never any seats, but you drop $10 on a ham sandwich anyway because of the house dressing.


You consider Newport News and Hampton to be “the city”

19. During the Fourth of July, you party like it’s 1776 whether we want to or not.

20. Getting a selfie with young Thomas Jefferson is a life goal.

21. Speaking of Thomas Jefferson, you’ve seen him and his colonial friends at the grocery store buying a frozen pizza and a 12 pack of Michelob Ultra.

22. You miss the old Pottery.

23. You look forward to snow flurries because it means school will be closed for two days.

24. Pretty much everything closes at 9pm, except on the weekends when everything closes at 10pm.

25. Need a free snack? Take a shortcut through The Peanut Shop in Merchants Square.

26. You’ve trespassed at the old Eastern State Hospital building.

27. You have a favorite “beach” along the Colonial Parkway but you never get in the water past your knees.

28. You know that there is no airport on Airport Road.

29. We had an Old Town Road (Olde Towne Road) before it was cool, and it probably had a horse on it at some point.


30. You sometimes call it the "Hysterical Triangle" - especially in the summer. Signs you're from Williamsburg Virginia

You sometimes call it the “Hysterical Triangle” – especially in the summer.

31. You know how to say “Rochambeau”

32. You sometimes say Auf Wiedersehen instead of goodbye and your friends understand why.

33. New Town (Buffalo Wild Wings, Sweet Frog and the movie theater fountain) is THE place to be on Saturday night if you are 13.

34. If you’re a local, your phone has learned to stop autocorrecting “Swem” to “seem” or “swim”

35. It is well known that the Prime Outlets parking lot was designed to prevent you from ever leaving, especially in December.

36. At least once a week you trip on cobblestones or bricks walkways.

37. Yankee Candle’s Christmas Village is really just a playground for kids on rainy days.

38. There’s a historical marker near your house.


40. You hear muskets in the distance.

41. You know to avoid the Capital Trail on the first warm day of the year because everyone’s dad will be there wearing Lycra cycling gear.

42. Williamsburg’s ghost tours are really just nighttime history lessons.

43. You know the Jamestown-Scotland ferry schedule.

44. You’ve fallen asleep to the unsettling screams of mating foxes.

45. You’ve never had a Good Neighbor’s Pass.

46. You know about the swing at Lake Matoaka.


No matter how long you’ve lived here, you still forget about the Surry Power Plant siren and think Williamsburg is under attack.

48. You know the college kids are back in town when the chairs are on the roof of one of the triangle restaurants.

49. You know what a TWAMP is.

50. Why go to Starbucks when Aroma’s is opened?

51. You’re not afraid of the members of Busch Garden’s Howl-o-Scream Scare Squad because you know them personally.

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