Colonial Williamsburg is inspiration for new CBS comedy

CBS is set to produce a new TV sitcom called “America, U.S.A.” which takes place in a fictional living-history theme park that is based on Colonial Williamsburg.

Actress Lili Birdsell

The series is being developed by the husband and wife team of Michael Kramer (Men in Trees, Life Unexpected) and actress Lilli Birdsell (TURN), along with writer-director-producer Alex Reid (Brooklyn Nine-Nine) and CBS TV Studios.

Birdsell, who played Martha Washington on the AMC series TURN, says the new show will focus on characters who work for the colonial theme park, similar to Amy Poehler’s “Parks and Recreation” comedy show.

An air date for the new series has not yet been announced.

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  1. I’m actually kind of offended by this. Colonial Williamsburg isn’t a “theme park;” it is a highly interactive living history museum, that is constantly adapting and changing to present the history of America based on primary sources.
    I’m further offended by the fact that very few on-the-ground employees were ever consulted for advice or casting in this show, which seems only interested in making a mockery of this museum based on a gross misunderstanding of its mission and purpose.


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