Action! A new film set on the deck of an English sailing ship as it approaches Jamestown, Virginia in 1622 has begun production.

Williamsburg Virginia Jamestown Virginia More Than Conquerors Movie


In Brownwood,Texas, in a large warehouse turned movie studio, the story of Jamestown settlers is being recreated. There are three sets in the warehouse, the hold of the ship, the ship’s deck, and the admiral’s cabin. The Brownwood studio shot will make up about 10 minutes of film time. Additional shots will also be filmed in Virginia. 

The story is set in the 1600s, and it’s a faith-based movie on Romans 8. Daniel Nuckols is, More Than Conquerors executive producer and director, explained how his vision led to the movie “This is a project I’ve been working on for almost five years,” Nuckols said. “It’s something God gave me back in 2017. I feel like God led me to write a story about Jamestown.”


More information about the movie is available at www.mtc the








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