williamsburg virginia public parking prince george garageIf a trip to Williamsburg Virginia during the holiday season is in your plans, take parking off your planning list. 

Parking has always been a struggle as the city balances keeping space historical or devoting space for parking. A recent discussion on the Goodwin Square Project, the proposed conversion of small parking lot crammed between Prince George and Duke of Gloucester streets led to a lively discussion with locals and continues as of this writing.

The City of Williamsburg recognized the issues and not only has added parking garages but has invested in the technology to make your trip a breeze.

The Prince George Parking Garage has 350 parking spaces, as well as two charging locations for electric vehicles. There are two UCS Universal Charging Stations on the first level and two Tesla Charging Stations on the second level. First 30 minutes free, $1 an hour afterward (maximum $12 a day). Credit and debit cards only. No cash accepted.

The payment system is fully automated, using license plate reader technology and is easily found near the pedestrian entrance on Prince George Street.

Even better is to use the the Passport Parking app for use in the Prince George Parking Garage. The simple app enables users to digitally pay for parking without using the pay station or setting up an online account.

Consider the app a virtual parking meter – you enter the amount of time you plan to be parked and just before the time expires, you magically get a text or email. Best yet, if you need to extend your parking, just add time right there on your phone.

Passport works with nearly 1,000 cities, universities and agencies worldwide, including Chicago, Toronto, London, Los Angeles, Miami and in Richmond and Virginia Beach, Virginia. Parking areas are defined by zones. The Prince George Parking Garage in Williamsburg is Zone 1699, for all the obvious reasons.williamsburg virginia parking lot location goodwin square map

The Prince George Parking Garage can be found:
230 North Henry Street
Williamsburg, Virginia 23185
(757) 259-3797

While there is plenty of free parking available in downtown Williamsburg, having to hunt sometimes distracts from your experience. If you want to take that additional stress off the table, use the app and consider the Prince George Parking Garage, it may be worth the minimal time and effort required to set up.


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