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It all started with a man and a passion. My name is Charlie and I am the creator of “Frank’s Monster Munchies” I drove tractor trailers for a shipping company for 14 years and the whole time all I could do was think about owning my own taco business, after many years of thoughts and ideas I made the jump. I spoke it over and over with my wife and being the person that she is, she supported me and my dream. I left my job and dived into my dream, and after 15 months my passion and dream came true, we opened Frank’s Monster Munchies. Our opening date was September 21st and although scary and overwhelming, with my family by side, we did it, we were successful. I have been getting my name, business and food out there, and with my family, friends and God by my side and in my corner, I’ve been busy and blessed, not just with the business, but with the people I have met and the friends I have made along the way. I’m so very thankful for everyone that played a part in supporting me during my dream, rather by investments, guidance, knowledge, or laughs…..it all played a part in this…and to my wonderful wife, none of this would be here if it weren’t for you.

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