Sir Bacon, the roaming black pig of Williamsburg, has become quite the local celebrity. He’s been featured in news stories, photographed by tourists, and even has his own Facebook Group, created by local Kelsey Helmick.

He was spotted on Christmas morning near the 199 westbound entrance. Then again near Longhill Road. Later, it is said, that he was seen with a pack of pigs on Jolly Pond Road. Some even saw the little piggie going wee, wee, wee near the Target Shopping Center.

Smithfield might be known for spiral and honey-glazed hams, but Sir Bacon of Burg wants to hog the spotlight.

The Fatback Pack

The spirited little pot-bellied pig and a few of his swine have been on the loose around Williamsburg for the last few months. They’ve eluded capture by many, including James City County Animal Control. Other members of the Fatback Pack (coined by the folks at have been captured. Some were humanely euthanized. Others were adopted by local farms. But Sir Bacon is still on the run, much to the delight of locals and visitors alike.

Some Pig

Sir Bacon was recently spotted by Barb Klein who captured this photo.

Sir Bacon most likely began his life as a pet, later finding his freedom in the woods of James City County where many pigs have roamed before. Jamestown’s settlers brought along hogs in 1608 and kept them on a nearby island – Hog Island – on the James River.

Today, Hog Island is a wildlife refuge where an abundance of birds and other animals live. With nearly 4,000 acres of tidal marshes and pine forests, Hog Island has become a hidden gem for fishing, hiking and bird watching. Unfortunately for Sir Bacon, pigs are no longer allowed so he’ll have to stick to the roadsides of Williamsburg.

And that’s fine by Karen Owens who spotted Williamsburg’s famous black pig while visiting the colonial area over the holidays. “My grandson just couldn’t believe it,” she says. “We told him that Santa must use pigs instead of reindeer to pull his sleigh around here!”

Pig Out

If you see Sir Bacon, let us know. Share your stories and photos on our Facebook page using the hashtag #FatbackPack 

Sightings should also be reported to James City Animal Control at 757-565-0370.

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