If you have traveled through western Williamsburg chances are you’ve dealt with the troublesome intersection of Rt5 (John Tyler), Greensprings road and Centerville road. This intersection and the frequent accidents are a constant source of discussion with residents. 

It’s been on the Virginia Department of Transportation’s radar for years and last year VDOT unveiled a traffic safety improvement analysis, but it appears funding is the now the key issue to fixing this intersection. 

The intersection has been the cause of dozens of accidents over the years. There are two intersections within 200 feet of each other that intersect with one of the busiest thoroughfares in the area.  

VDOT officials have considered a right-in, right-out on Centerville Road as a short term gap but that cuts off access to north bound Centerville road entirely. A roundabout or four-way traffic signal is the suggested long term remedy. But VDOT has no funding source, and hasn’t even started the process of mapping out an estimate. 

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