An update to the classic book Williamsburg Before and After: The Rebirth of Virginia’s Colonial Capital is available with new insight into the colonial capital city.

The book – Restoring Williamsburg – along with it’s predecessor, was written by George Humphrey Yetter, the former associate curate of architectural drawings for the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, along with Carl R. Lounsbury – the former Shirley and Richard Roberts Architectural Historian for Colonial Williamsburg and current professor of history at the College of William & Mary.

With more than 350 stunning photos, maps and drawings, the new book expands on the study of Williamsburg’s restoration and takes a fresh look at developing preservation and curation techniques that are vital to our understanding of American history.

Compelling and comprehensive, Restoring Williamsburg also includes a fascinating history of the buildings, homes, taverns, and structures that make up the colonial attraction with insight from those who witnessed the revival firsthand. The book takes a look at the contributions of the Rockefellers and follows the history of the world’s largest living history museum from its roots as a bustling colonial town to the eventual decline and then the historical landmark that we see today.

Whether you’re planning to visit Colonial Williamsburg, or if you’re simply drawn to the significance of the area’s history, Restoring Williamsburg will be an instrumental companion and a highly readable resource.



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