A new open-air event is shining a light on Colonial Williamsburg like never before. CW Lights, a special family-friendly evening event, launched this month and runs until Sunday, May 2.

The beautiful Governor’s Palace Gardens have been made all the more beautiful with thousands of lights, dazzling guests with an immersive outdoor experience. The gardens, usually closed in the evening, have been transformed with a variety of lights, inviting guests to walk through the grounds while enjoying the spring blooms showcased with a magical glow. 18th century entertainment and performances will also be featured including flute and violin players – and more. “One night can be a baroque chamber ensemble, the next night can be a fiddle player or mandolin players,” said Robert Currie, the CW director of entertainment and evening programs. “It all just depends on who we have lined up for the night.”

“It’s a great experience for families who are looking to get out of the house and have a safe environment to come to Colonial Williamsburg and experience this iconic site like they’ve never done before,” he said. “It’s a perfect opportunity for pictures and photographs and to explore this space with your family and friends.”

Photos courtesy of Colonial Williamsburg

A variety of display methods are being used including ground lights, twinkling lights, string lights, lighted signs, netting and posts – all featuring a rainbow of colors and patterns.

The limited-time event offers a fun and safe way to enjoy the historic area. Guest are advised to wear comfortable shoes and face masks are required.  Tickets are are limited and available online to book in advance at colonialwilliamsburg.org/events/cw-lights/

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