Busch Gardens Williamsburg Is Now Cashless

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Welcome to a new era of convenience and innovation at Busch Gardens Williamsburg, where the park has embraced the future by going cashless. In a bold move towards efficiency and enhanced guest experiences, Busch Gardens Williamsburg has made the transition to a cashless payment system, revolutionizing the way visitors interact with the park. With this exciting change, guests can now enjoy a seamless and secure transaction process, unlocking a world of convenience and enabling them to fully immerse themselves in the magic and thrills that await at this renowned amusement park. Join us as we explore the benefits and possibilities of Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s cashless future, where every moment is devoted to creating unforgettable memories.

The change was effective May 11, 2023.

Handling and moving cash via armored vehicles is expensive, plus taking cashless payments is faster and requires fewer employees. Lines will move quicker because visitors won’t have to count cash or wait to receive change, and staff won’t have to count cash at the end of the day. It also eliminates the stress of ensuring there’s change in the register. Instead of spending the money just to accept cash as a payment, Busch Gardens can now use that extra money to improve infrastructure and provide visitors with a better overall experience.

Just swipe or tap your credit card, debit card, or smart device with Apple Pay or Google Pay everywhere you typically use cash. It’s faster, more secure, and convenient, so you can spend less time in line and more time having fun!

If you don’t have a payment card, they’ve got you covered. Just stop by one their easy-to-use Cash-to-Card kiosks located throughout the park to transfer your cash (free of charge) onto a Visa prepaid debit card that can be used anywhere Visa is accepted.


Q: What type of payments does Busch Gardens Williamsburg accept?
A: Busch Gardens Williamsburg accepts American Express, Discover, Mastercard, and Visa credit cards and most debit cards, as well as Apple Pay and Google Pay. We also have Cash-to-Card kiosks conveniently located throughout the park where you can transfer your cash (free of charge) to a Visa prepaid debit card.

Q: Is it free to use the Cash-to-Card kiosk?
A Yes! You will not be charged a fee to transfer your cash to a card or to use it for payment (in the park or anywhere Visa is accepted in the U.S.). If you use the card regularly, you will not incur any fees. Just keep in mind that after 92 consecutive days with no transactions, you will be charged $3.95 per month by the card issuer.

Q: How much cash can I load onto a Visa prepaid debit card at the Cash-to Card kiosk? Is there a minimum amount required?
A: You may load up to $500 onto one Visa prepaid debit card at a time. There is no minimum amount required.

Q: Can I reload the payment card at a Cash-to-Card kiosk?
A: No, these cards are not reloadable. However, you can always load additional cash onto a new card free of charge.

Q: How can I check the balance on my Visa prepaid debit card?
A: You can check the balance on your card at any Cash-to-Card kiosk during your visit. You can also visit rcbalance.com or call the number on the back of your card at any time.

Q: Why is Busch Gardens Williamsburg going cashless?
A: Cashless, contactless transactions are faster, safer, and more secure. It’s one more way we can help to provide you with a more streamlined and worry-free experience.

Q: What should I do if the Cash-to-Card kiosk takes my cash but does not give me a card?
A: Please take the receipt that lists the amount of cash you deposited during your transaction to Guest Services at the front of the park. The Busch Gardens team will work with the Issuer to verify the error and make sure the correct funds are loaded onto a new Visa prepaid debit card.

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